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Blouse: Ted Baker; Skirt: Zara; Sunglasses: Gucci; Bag: YSL CHYC Cabas Tote; Shoes: Zara; Jewellery: J Crew/J Crew; Ring: Accessorize; Nails: Kiko 290

For some strange reason my blog hasn’t been updating my Facebook page automatically, so I’ve had do it manually. After a lot of research I think I’ve fixed the problem and hopefully only links to these blog post will now appear on Facebook. I take pictures of what I wear nearly everyday, but sometimes I don’t have enough for a whole post. So those outfits will now appear on my Facebook page with my style inspirations.

This weekend in between flat hunting, we squeezed in a charity ball. The pictures are on Facebook if you want to check them out. The ball helped me de-stress from flat hunting. Spacious is not a box room that cockroaches go to die in. I was so disappointed after each viewing that I was close to having a panic attack. The charity ball helped me put things into perspective. My family and friends are fit and healthy and if my biggest worry is where can I put all my shoes, then life is pretty good. Where ever I end up, it will be up to me to make it feel like home.

Anyway I’m sure you’re more interested in my outfit, so I’ll get on with updating you on it. I got the top whilst on holiday in the UK a few weeks ago, and I love the fact that the print looks like a painting of a building. I paired it with the pleated skirt as I was feeling lazy and when its hot outside, my go to outfit is always a pleated skirt with a loose blouse. I can’t wait to restyle the top with my leather shorts.